Only in a society as twisted as America can a non-victim claim victimhood, and in order to retaliate against the creators of a great non-injustice, prove the oppressors right.  Case in point: 19 year old Valerie Dodds from Lincoln, Nebraska. She graduated from St. Pius X High School last year, but don’t let her Catholic education fool you. Valerie, or shall we say Val Midwest, has always wanted to be a porn star, which is something that her devout fellow students did not think proper of a graduate from their school.

Poor Val had it so tough. While most gals refer to bullying as having “sext” messages posted online and spread about the school, Val cut out the middleman and distributed her own nude pictures online. Naturally this brought a response from the mean kids at Pius X. They made comments. Probably akin to what el Rushbo originally said about Sandra Fluke. I’ll take the longshot and say someone may have alleged she engaged in a trade of personal services for profit, and while finding pleasure in doing so.

“All the Pius kids were saying mean things and I decided to go there and show them that I am here to stay,” and she sure did show them… more pictures of herself. That is correct. To protect her honor and dignity after being called out for being a porn star, she decided to head to Pius X and take nude photos of herself, and then “pleasured herself with sex toys and a crucifix” while there.

This act has brought her legal woes but that is not the point of this article. The point is that this is a ridiculous event that shows the decline of all things decent in society. One would think that a porn star would take pride in being called names that accurately describe her profession, or at least not care about what others have to say. But lets face it, you are still a child, as is evident by your actions, and the fact you are being used by a “producer” that is most likely twice your age. We get it, you are now legally an adult, and you are excited that you can do the things you wanted to do legally now. However, that does not mean you go into the public view, or trespass onto property, in order to desecrate and offend others, and then deliberately post those pictures on the internet. You especially don’t claim to be a victim after you have done so.