A few years ago, James Dobson made some interesting predictions about the Obama presidency in his “letter from 2012 in Obama’s America.” The Huffington Post blasted the letter, saying it offered “nothing but fear,” which is the only leftist argument against Christians getting involved in politics- that they are reacting on fear.

So, we must look to see how accurate Mr. Dobson was in his predictions. I believe you will find this letter under the “I told you so” sub-file of the “lessons not learned from history” folder.


  • Increased Budget Deficits                                    -Check
  • Boycotts against Christian companies            -Check
  • Prohibit domestic energy production.          – Keystone pipeline, anyone?
  • Higher Taxes                                                             – obvious
  • Advocacy of Fairness Doctrine to control talk radio – look at the first year of the first term
  • Passage of gun bans                                                – boy aren’t they trying
  • Unions holding companies hostage                – Check
  • Homosexuals in military                                     – Check
  • Limited healthcare                                                 – Anyone remember the girl who received the lung transplant?
  • Destruction of the Boy Scouts of America    – Happening live
  • Turn against Israel                                                  -Check
  • Deepened ties with communists in South America   – Check
  • Hostility with Russia                                              -Check (our policies re Africa, Syria, Iran, etc)
  • Iraq turning against America                             -Check (their security agreement with Iran)
  • Forcing gender identity classes from elementary school on  – Check
  • Attacking home schooling families                  -check
  • Increased abortions                                                -check
  • End of parental involvement in abortion      -check
  • Force religious organizations to hire gays/use facilities         -check
  • Attacks on christian counselors                        -check
  • Attacking Christian ministries on college campuses                   -check
  • Attacking school prayer                                        -check
  • Increased sexual content on media during primetime               -check